What people say about Stephen

What people say about Stephens Past Masterclasses that we ran...

‘Practical, down-to-earth and inspiring, with lots of great people to connect with’ Anastasia Pavlova, Producer 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘Feel exhausted but inspired. What a great masterclass!’ Tito Sacchi, Wrier/Director 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘a kick-ass course to take your career to a whole new level, a real eye-opener.’ Paola Desiderio, Producer/ Assistant producer 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘The speakers were all really approachable and patiently answered questions during Q & A’s. The whole masterclass was comprehensive, clear and concise. Brilliant.’ Andy Howell, Creative Producer 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘An incredibly informative and entertaining weekend, hosted in a relaxed environment. If you want to learn about film, this workshop is a must.’ Richard Saadé, Actor/Producer 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
'This course offers terrific value for the content and opportunities it provides.’ Andrew Howe, Filmmaker 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘A very interesting friendly and informative weekend. A great networking opportunity.' Lucy Callender, Production Designer 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘This is the best course if you a first time producer leaning about the industry. Do it now!’ Maria Thomas, Producer/ Actress 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘Relevant information, presented in an entreating and fun way.’ Julia Raddvici, Producer 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘It’s a great course for producers, directors and anyone who wishes to learn about how to get into the industry. Chris and Stephen are a dream team.’ Nikka Lorak, Director/Producer 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘If you want to produce your own film or work with a producer, this course is for you.’ Murat Kebir, Filmmaker 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘Motivation, practical knowledge and contacts: the workshop has given me all that I needed to see myself as a producer!’ Elena Dapelo, Writer/ Actress 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘Gained knowledge of an area I had previously little exposure to. ATTEND!’ Dgane De-Beger, Filmmaker 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘Everything that is said is essential to a producer or filmmaker wanting to make their own films.’ Isadora Buchez, Producer assistant/ writer/ actress 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘Well worth a weekend of your time. I am now confident that I have the skills and knowledge needed to get me on the right track.’ Kate Koch, Producer 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘A great master class to attend for any filmmaker, writer, emerging producer and directors wanting to collaborate with others.’ Sandriwe Esteban, Writer 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi
‘Just continue doing these spectacular events so you can help more filmmakers to meet their future workmates and to be inspired, and brave enough, to improve their careers.’ Velislava Gospodiuova, Animation director/VFX artist 6a00d8341e322053ef0115704bc00c970c-800wi

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